A Green History of the World

‘A Green History of the World’ explores the relationship between the environment and human history using the examples of major world civilizations, from Sumer to ancient Egypt, from Easter Island to the Roman Empire, from Third World countries to the most developed countries today.

The author shows with convincing examples how certain human communities have caused their own downfall due to their careless attitude towards resources, and furthermore, he draws the conclusion that people have repeatedly built societies that grew and prospered thanks to the use of natural resources, until the number of inhabitants and increased needs exceeded the available resources, which would lead to their downfall. Each subsequent society has had a wider and more devastating impact on the environment.

At the current level of development, human society has two alternatives: to deal with resources much more sparingly and carefully, i.e. the environment or – to fail./ What does GDP have to do with the environment? What does “sustainable development” mean? Is air a completely free resource? What is meant by overspending?

You will find the answers to these and many other questions in Ponting’s book ” A Green History of the World”. It will serve as a textbook for high school students and students in the field of economic history and as a book for every home library of readers who are interested in the living environment. Ponting’s book will satisfy the curiosity of those looking for relevant statistics on population, world supplies of fish, gas, oil, the conquest of America, epidemics of various diseases and a host of long topics.

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