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If you are a student and you are interested in phenomena from the field of nature and culture, you can devote your research paper, i.e. master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation, to them. On this page you will find instructions on how to do it and resources that will further inspire you and help you write a great paper!

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Get inspired by great examples

Did you know that the wings of tiny hummingbirds inspired scientists to develop drones? Or that the mills are a true example of harmony between man and nature? That today, more and more artists enjoy making live installations, a true blend of nature and art?

These and many other examples that you will find on this website show that the world around us can be fascinating, when culture and nature work in harmony.

Find on this website, a treasure trove of articles about how man, through culture and creativity, connects with nature. You will learn that inspiration for creation is found in nature, and that nature can be protected through engagement in culture fields.

Search the website for interesting topics from art, history, architecture, sociology or some other field that is close to you and use it for your student paper.

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Why should you write your paper with our support?

Scientific papers, master’s and doctoral theses are major obligations during studies. Instead of being a source of stress for you, make them an interesting challenge and handle them professionally with the help of mentors from ORCA!

A mentor from ORCA will help you in formulating the structure of the work and will support you during its entire creation!

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See what students who worked on their theses with us have to say

Milica Lukić
Graduated spatial planner

,,I remember working with the ORCA mentor as a very positive experience, which was extremely useful for me. In addition to help in choosing literature and data sources, help with writing an abstract and the structure of a research paper, the sharing of experiences helped me a lot.”

Tatjana Graorinov
Expert consultant

„Research work through the ORCA Academy influenced me to develop critical thinking and draw conclusions based solely on facts – I acquired tools that were very useful to me both personally and professionally – defining clear and measurable goals, setting and meeting deadlines, setting priorities and more”

Pavle Dobričić
Graduated social worker

„Through working with an ORCA mentor and my volunteer work at ORCA, I received valuable information that helped me start my master’s thesis.” The support helped me a lot to design the topic, and especially the mentor’s guidance and the fact that she was available when I needed a consultaion, meant a lot to me.“

Žarko Mladenović

„Thanks to ORCA’s invitation to participate in the project Bee friendly to nature: Advocating for evidence-based Nature based solutions for people and nature in Serbia, I had the opportunity to write a master’s thesis, without the costs that I would otherwise have to carry out the research required for a master’s thesis.”

Resources for additional inspiration

On the website you can find various resources – books, scientific literature, video documentaries and other films that can further inspire you and help you write a great paper.

Look at our glossary of terms on the topic of culture and nature! Maybe some of these terms spark your interest.

Do you know about ORCA Academy?

ORCA Academy’s leadership training programme is the first and unique training program in Serbia and the world that deals with strengthening the leadership potential of citizens for nature conservation and animal welfare advocacy!

It was created with the intention of training young leaders with the skills they need to successfully implement initiatives in the field of nature conservation and animal welfare at the local or national level. So far, over 70 students, experts and activists have participated in four generations of the Leadership Training Programme!

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