Comparative analysis of the certification process of high farm animal welfare standards in selected countries of the European Union.

„Research work through the ORCA Academy influenced me to develop critical thinking and draw conclusions based solely on facts – I acquired tools that were very useful to me both personally and professionally – defining clear and measurable goals, setting and meeting deadlines, setting priorities and more.“

Tatjana states that as a Master’s student in Environmental Policy at the Faculty of Political Sciences, she wanted her final thesis to be on a topic that had not been addressed (too many times) up until then, to be multidisciplinary and potentially leave her with the opportunity for further research.

Together with Jelena Burazerović, who was Tatjana’s ORCA mentor, she came up with a master’s thesis topic that meets all the above criteria, and at the same time fits into the activities that ORCA previously carried out and later directed Tatjana’s professional path.

Tatjana points out that the preparation of her master’s thesis left her with the desire to further research the chosen topic and led her to seek further professional experience in the field of standardization and certification.

About Tatjana Graorinov

Tatjana Graorinov has a master’s degree in environmental politics. She is employed within the NACOR Group, which provides consulting services in the field of management systems and food safety.

As the executive director of NACOR Montenegro, Tatjana had the opportunity to, through the implementation of various international standards, cooperate with individuals and organizations in various activities, from agriculture to state administration (MOKA, Express Trans, Public communal enterprise “Čistoća i zelenilo” Subotica, NALED, Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, Municipal Administration of the Municipality of Budva…).

Finding solutions to current problems, ways to increase competitiveness and establish a stable business environment, reducing business costs, increasing employee satisfaction and a higher level of quality of products and services delivered to users, are just some of the reasons that make this business dynamic and motivate Tatjana to constant learning and improvement.

Tatjana Graorinov
Expert consultant