Man and Animals: A Christian View

The importance of animals, like every creature, is that they are part of God’s world and that God loves them. If we accept creatures and care for them, we are in harmony with God and receive a great blessing. In the Bible’s stories of animals and birds—donkeys, ravens, lions, lambs, and many others—we see a pattern of community where there is no evil. We meet animals that serve God, trust Him and glorify Him; we meet animals that bring us God’s help and animals that teach us innocence and purity, loyalty and wisdom.

The book is divided into four areas: (1) Biblical imagery – talks about animals through the Bible; (2) Theological approach – we talk about the relationship between animals and humans, about sacred animals, etc.; (3) Miraculous events – miraculous stories of saints with animals; (4) From man to monkey – Darwinism and exploitation of animals.

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