The secret languages of nature

Most of the information in this book represents the latest contributions of modern science, which can be described as a transition from necessary, but insufficient, descriptive botany to ecology, based on the observation of the mutual relations of plants, animals and man. The richness and variety of interconnections create a more dynamic picture of the living world and reveal a radically new vision of an environment in which all beings interact in unexpected ways. The surprising effects of music on plants, evidence that plants also feel, that they are capable of spontaneous movements, that they keep in their memories traumas and events from their youth, that they notify their neighbors when danger threatens, … open to the reader unfathomable dimensions in the experience of the living world around us.

‘The secret languages of nature’ is a hymn to life, a walk through its arcana and secrets, which changes the gloomy and static idea about plants, which never revealed to us that plants also possess a soul. If this publication contributes to establishing the foundations of what will be accepted as the biology of the third millennium, it will undoubtedly fulfill the mission. If, after reading, you stop looking at the plants as before, the goal will be completely achieved!

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