The secrets of the soil

Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, who are also the authors of the famous book “The Secret Life of Plants”, in the eighties of the 20th century traveled the whole world in search of methods of soil recovery and organic agriculture. Based on that experience, this book was created that can help, as well as be a practical guide, to anyone who wants to engage in natural farming.

In the first part of the book, the authors present facts related to the history of the use of chemical fertilizers, i.e. they show the reader how the military poisons got to the arable land. The second part explains the methods by which it is possible to restore the vitality of the soil and rid it of heavy poisons. They explain how the world’s top biochemists managed to introduce the incredible effects of Steiner’s biodynamic preparations, Agnihotra fire, Carlson’s sonic bloom and the miraculous water of the Hunza people into the flow of science.

The third part of the book deals with the phenomenon of Findhorn and Perelandra – gardens that were created in cooperation between man and the spirits of nature. The authors visited (and were convinced of their results) clairvoyant mediums, concluding that “visitors from the kingdom of the elements play a vital and important role in the growth of plants, and until we take them into account, nothing in the world of agriculture, horticulture or vegetable growing will make sense or progress.”

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