Director: Rob Stewart

Sharkwater is a 2006 Canadian documentary film directed by Rob Stewart. The theme of the film is the shark hunting industry, which pushes them to complete extinction through overexploitation. The reason for this is primarily the consumption of shark fin soup, which is very popular in Asia, but also other shark products that are traded for human consumption.

The film explores areas with the most dense populations of sharks that are hunted in the world and reveals the illegal activities within the shark hunting industry in protected marine areas such as Cocos Island in the territory of Costa Rica and the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, as well as the political corruption that covers it.

The film was created with the aim of protecting sharks, changing government policies regarding shark protection, as well as creating and inspiring organizations for the protection of these marine creatures. Stewart’s mission is to protect the sharks and the oceans, before it’s too late. The film is considered one of the successful stories in the field of nature conservation, because as a result of the topics it opened and covered, the hunting of sharks for their fins, that is, the trade in shark products, has been banned in over 90 countries around the world.

The film received many praises and received as many as 31 international awards.

In 2018, the film got a sequel: Sharkwater: Extinction.

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