An inconvenient Truth

Director: Davis Guggenheim

An Inconvenient Truth is an American documentary film from 2006. It was directed by Davis Guggenheim. The film follows the campaign of the former vice president of the United States of America, Al Gore, on climate change and global warming.

The documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” presents data and predictions about climate change alongside scenes from the life of the narrator, Al Gore, with the aim of warning the public about a “crisis of planetary proportions”. Through a presentation that contains pictures, graphs, maps and various simulations, Al Gore presents the results of research by the world’s top experts in an effort to remove doubts about the truth and urgency of the problem of global warming. The film presents the problem from a scientific, economic, political and moral point of view and tries to disprove the theory that global warming does not exist. Al Gore also criticizes American policy, for ignoring the problem and the fact that America has not signed the Kyoto Protocol, whose goal is to operationalize the United Nations Convention on Climate Change and force industrialized countries and countries in transition to limit and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in accordance with the agreed goals.

Since its release, “An Inconvenient Truth” has garnered much praise for its success in educating the public about global warming and its strong, energetic support for the environmental movement. It has received various awards around the world. The film received two Academy Awards – for the best documentary film and for the best original song.

For his far-reaching efforts to show the world the dangers of global warming, Al Gore, together with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of the United Nations, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.

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