Partly Cloudy

Director: Peter Sohn

Partly Cloudy is a 2006 American computer-animated short film directed by Peter Sohn and distributed by Pixar Animation Studios.

Partly cloudy is a comical story, which follows a gray cloud whose task is to make baby animals that are cute but also “dangerous” and his associate – the stork, whose task is to take them to their parents.

While the rest, cheerful clouds, make sweet, gentle and cuddly babies like human babies, kittens, puppies and other lovely animals, our protagonist gray cloud, because of his task, feels more and more rejected, especially when he realizes the magnitude of the challenges that the delivery of dangerous babies creates for his co-worker.

The film sends a message about the importance of all animals for our world and nature, no matter how cute or dangerous they are, as well as about the power of friendship and commitment to an important task.

Sohn states that he got the idea for the film from watching Dumbo as a child. In the cartoon, the stork brings Dumbo to his mother. This prompted him to think about where the children they bring to their parents come from and came to the conclusion (according to his young age) that children come from the clouds, and therefore it is necessary for birds to bring them to earth.

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