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  • Interesting challenge and inspiring topics to write about
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What kind of articles can you write?

Nature & Society

In this section, we deal with occurrences and phenomena in the field of the relationship between nature and culture, that is, the way in which nature inspires human development and creativity – art, history, science, customs, beliefs, and more.

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Guardians of Nature

Through interviews and reports, this section introduces us to interesting people who protect nature with their lifestyle, habits, creativity and/or involvement in culture fields.

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Rules for writing articles

Idea for an article

Molimo da nam se obavezno prvo javiš sa idejom za tekst, pre nego što ga napišeš!

Quality of work

The content should be of high quality, well logically organized, with accurate and verified information and facts and without grammatical errors.

Terms of use

By submitting an article, you agree that we will use the article on our site (with any changes we deem necessary) and that you will not seek monetary payment or copyright infringement for it, now or in the future.

Once an article is published on our site, it becomes our property and you may not republish it without our prior written consent.

Recommended text length

1000 – 1500 words


Use external links (at least 3) to cite facts, research, sources of anecdotes and other important sources of information, or internal links to articles already published on cultureandnature.org  where appropriate.

Originality of work

We publish only the original articles of the authors. It is important that the texts have not already been published anywhere (not even on your personal website) and that they will not be published anywhere except on cultureandnature.org


Sources of information

The accuracy of the content and the precision of the information in the texts are very important to us, and it is necessary to use relevant sources of information (books, publications, papers, data from institutions, research reports, oral testimonies, etc.). It is necessary to indicate the source for all important information in the text, preferably by linking the information to the source from which it was taken or in a footnote.

Language and style

The text should be written in a way that is easy to understand for readers who do not have specialist knowledge in the field the text deals with. If technical terms are used, they should be explained.


Authors are encouraged to include photos and video clips as part of their submissions. Authors are obliged to provide permission for the use of photos and/or video materials they send. If you include them in articles that you send us, they must be of high quality and must be accompanied by clear information about the source of the material. For photo and video material that are not available for free use, you must have owner’s written permission to use it.

A unique viewing angle

Your blog text should be original and different from other texts published on cultureandnature.org even if the topic is similar.

Editing the article

We reserve the right to edit the content of the article you send us. We will not change the essence of the article, editing is primarily aimed at correcting errors and improving the readability of the text.

Text structure

1) title,
2) subtitles,
3) introductory paragraph,
4) central part of the article (elaboration),
5) conclusion.

The article hould have several subheadings that make it easier to read and understand the essence of the text, and the paragraphs should be short, with a maximum of 3-4 sentences per paragraph.

Text formatting

Font Calibri, size 11; spacing before & after: 0, line spacing: multiple 1.15.

Biography and photo of the author

After the final approval of the content of the article by the editor, the author must send his biography and photo in accordance with the instructions he will receive from the editor.